Smart computing is at the core of all present and future technological innovations. Connected things are widespread in the physical world, including modern manufacturing technologies and industrial processes that are largely controlled by software. Industry 4.0, industrial IoT and smart manufacturing are pervasive trends, that are changing the way physical goods are produced in all industrial sectors. While smart manufacturing presents unprecedented opportunities for improving the efficiency of industrial processes, ubiquitous connectivity among industrial machinery and between smart factories and the Cloud poses interesting research challenges. Novel paradigms are needed to allow scalable, real-time and resilient communication among industrial devices, according to specific needs of different industrial applications. Moreover, security issues in the connected industry are paramount, since cyber attacks to these systems can have relevant consequences for the safety of people.

The workshop on Smart Industries aims to bring together researchers from academia and from industry to meet and exchange ideas on recent research and future directions for smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0, focusing on solutions that can improve efficiency, sustainability and security of the future industrial processes. The workshop solicits contributions about novel solutions and approaches, experiences and evaluations on emerging technologies. The workshop is also a venue to discuss and disseminate projects results and to receive early feedbacks on work- in-progress and disruptive approaches. The topics of interest to the workshop include, but are not limited to:

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