Andrea Venturi

Personal Information

Ing. Andrea Venturi
PhD Student

Department of Information Engineering "Enzo Ferrari"
University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Via Vivarelli, 10
41125 - Modena, Italy
Tel.:   +39 0592056273
Fax :   +39 0592056129
E-mail:  andrea.venturi@unimore.it
GPG Key:  0x17D89A50A78EB93F
Curriculum Vitae:  Italian (2020), English (2020)

Research Interests

  • Machine and Deep Learning for Cybersecurity
  • Explainable AI in Cybersecurity
  • Adversarial Attacks against Machine Learning
  • Big data analytics for Cybersecurity


  • DReLAB dataset - Deep Reinforcement Learning Adversarial Botnet dataset


  • Giovanni Apruzzese, Mauro Andreolini, Mirco Marchetti, Andrea Venturi, Michele Colajanni "Deep Reinforcement Learning against Botnet Evasion Attacks", IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management (IEEE TNSM), October 2020 [PDF]

  • Andrea Venturi, Giovanni Apruzzese, Mauro Andreolini, Michele Colajanni, Mirco Marchetti "DReLAB - Deep REinforcement Learning Adversarial Botnet: A benchmark dataset for adversarial attacks against botnet Intrusion Detection Systems", Elsevier Data in Brief, December 2020 [Link to Elsevier]

Thesis (italian)

  • Andrea Venturi "Sistema di Reinforcement Learning per contrastare l'efficacia di adversarial attack a Intrusion Detection System", Relatore: Michele Colajanni, Correlatore: Giovanni Apruzzese. Link MoReThesis