Andrea Venturi

Personal Information

Ing. Andrea Venturi
PhD Student

Department of Information Engineering "Enzo Ferrari"
University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Via Vivarelli, 10
41125 - Modena, Italy
Tel.:   +39 0592056273
Fax :   +39 0592056129
E-mail:  andrea.venturi@unimore.it
GPG Key:  0x17D89A50A78EB93F
Curriculum Vitae:  Italian (Jan 2022), English (Jan 2022)

Research Interests

  • Machine and Deep Learning for Cybersecurity
  • Explainable AI in Cybersecurity
  • Adversarial Attacks against Machine Learning
  • Big data analytics for Cybersecurity


  • DReLAB dataset - Deep Reinforcement Learning Adversarial Botnet dataset


  • Giovanni Apruzzese, Mauro Andreolini, Mirco Marchetti, Andrea Venturi, Michele Colajanni "Deep Reinforcement Learning against Botnet Evasion Attacks", IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management (IEEE TNSM), October 2020 [PDF]

  • Andrea Venturi, Giovanni Apruzzese, Mauro Andreolini, Michele Colajanni, Mirco Marchetti "DReLAB - Deep REinforcement Learning Adversarial Botnet: A benchmark dataset for adversarial attacks against botnet Intrusion Detection Systems", Elsevier Data in Brief, December 2020 [Link to Elsevier]

  • Andrea Venturi, Claudio Zanasi "On the feasibility of adversarial machine learning in malware and network intrusion detection.", Proc. of the 20th IEEE International Symposium on Network Computing and Applications (IEEE NCA2021) , November 2021 [PDF soon available]

Thesis (italian)

  • Andrea Venturi "Sistema di Reinforcement Learning per contrastare l'efficacia di adversarial attack a Intrusion Detection System", Relatore: Michele Colajanni, Correlatore: Giovanni Apruzzese. Link MoReThesis