Automotive Cyber Security


Course name:Automotive Cyber Security
Instructor:Mirco Marchetti
Assistant:Dario Stabili
This is the website of the course "Automotive Cyber Security", for students of the Master's Degrees in "Ingegneria Informatica" (first and second year) and "Advanced Automotive Electronic Engineering" (second year).

News and announcements

  • Laboratory experience is out! (see "Slides, readings, exercises" section)
  • Exam dates are out! (see "Exams" section)
  • The VM required for the laboratory is available in the Slides, readings, exercises section
  • The course ended for all students of the first year of the Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria Informatica (6 CFUs, 48 hours). The exam will cover all topics up to the deck of slides "Securing in-vehicle networks (part 2)" (inclusive). Interested students are still welcome to the lectures.

Main topics

  • Introduction to automotive cyber security
  • Architecture and vulnerabilities of in-vehicle cyber systems
  • Security issues of V2X communications
  • Discussion of known cyber attacks to modern vehicles
  • Design and implementation of secure vehicles
  • Current and future solutions for the detection of cyber attacks
  • Options and future perspective for the reaction to cyber attacks
  • Future perspectives and research efforts in the field of automotive cyber security


  • Tuesday 16.00 - 18.30 (room P2.4)
  • Wednesday 16.00 - 18.30 (room P1.4)
For the 2nd year of "Advanced Automotive Electronic Engineering" this course gives 6 CFUs and comprises 60 hours of lectures. The last lecture will be on December 4th.
For the 2nd year of the "Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria Informatica" this course gives 9 CFUs and comprises 72 hours of lectures (including labs). The last lecture should be on December 18th.
These dates are tentative and might change over time... please take a look at the website for news and announcements.


It is mandatory to register through ESSE3 For the 1st year of "Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria Informatica" and the 2nd year of "Advanced Automotive Electronic Engineering" (6 CFUs) there will be a final oral examination.
For the 2nd year of the "Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria Informatica" there will be an oral examination and a small project-work based on the additional laboratory activities that will be proposed from December 4th to December 17th.

Next exams:
  • February 17, 3:00 PM, room P0.2

Slides, readings, exercises

Available through this (password protected) link.


This course will not follow any textbook. A good read (that you can also download for free) is "The Car Hacker's Handbook", available here

Opportunities for Master's thesis

We are looking for Master's students interested in working on topics related to Automotive Cyber Security for they final thesis. A set of relevant and interesting topics is below:
  • A security analysis of the Modena Automotive Smart Area
  • Data fusion/verification/cross-check between information recevied from MASA smart cameras and data sensed by automotive sensors
  • Securing V2V communications based on DSRC protocol
  • Creation of an open automotive testbench and dataset (data gathering, labeling, manual reverse engineering)
  • Analysis and comparison of PKI solutions for V2I and V2V communications
  • Analysis and comparison of testbeds for automotive cybersecurity testing (at least PASTA and OCTANE, possibly others)
  • Experimenting with adversarial attacks against lane detection algorithms
  • Efficient solutions for checking compliance against automotive cybersecurity standards (SAE J3061, ISO 26262, ISO 21434)
  • Survey and test of open source DSRC implementations
If you have a different (but related) topic in mind that you would like to work on, let us know.